Title 43

SECTION 2532.1

2532.1 Certificate of allotment.

§ 2532.1 Certificate of allotment.

(a) When the authorizing officer approves an application for allotment, he will issue to the applicant a certificate of allotment, on a prescribed form, showing the name in full of the applicant, post office address, name of the tribe in which membership is claimed, serial number of the certificate issued by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and a description of the land allotted.

(b) Where the application under investigation is that of a single person over 21 years of age, or of the head of a family, report will also be made as to the character of the applicant's settlement and improvements. A similar report will be made on applications filed in behalf of minor children as to the character of the settlement and improvements made by the parent, or the person standing in loco parentis, on his or her own allotment under the fourth section.

[35 FR 9591, June 13, 1970]