Title 43

SECTION 2520.0-5

2520.0-5 Definitions.

§ 2520.0-5 Definitions.

(a) As used in the desert-land laws and the regulations of this subpart:

(1) Reclamation requires conducting water in adequate amounts and quality to the land so as to render it available for distribution when needed for irrigation and cultivation.

(2) Cultivation requires the operation, practice, or act of tillage or preparation of land for seed, and keeping the ground in a state favorable for the growth of crops.

(3) Irrigation requires the application of water to land for the purpose of growing crops.

(4) Crop includes any agricultural product to which the land under consideration is generally adapted and which would return a fair reward for the expense of producing it.

(5) Water supply, to be adequate, must be sufficient to irrigate successfully and to reclaim all of the irrigable land embraced in an entry.

(6) Water right means the authority, whether by prior ownership, contract, purchase, or appropriation in accordance with state law, to use water on the land to be irrigated.