Title 43

SECTION 2470.2

2470.2 Allowance and entry.

§ 2470.2 Allowance and entry.

(a) After lands are classified pursuant to the regulations of this part, and opened for entry or other disposal, all the laws and regulations governing the particular kind of entry, location, selection, or other disposal must be complied with in order for title to vest or other interests to pass.

(b) After lands are classified for disposal under the regulations of this subpart, the lands shall be offered for sale or other disposal consistent with the classification. If a petitioner-applicant does not have a preference right under § 2450.8, the lands shall be opened on an equal-opportunity basis.

[35 FR 9565 June 13, 1970] Group 2500 - Disposition; Occupancy and Use Note:

The information collection requirements contained in parts 2520, 2530, 2540 and 2560 of Group 2500 have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget under 44 U.S.C. 3507 and assigned clearance numbers 1004-0004, 1004-1010, 1004-0011, 1004-0023, 1004-0026, 1004-0028, 1004-0029 and 1004-0069. The information is being collected to permit the authorized officer to determine whether certain petitions or applications for use and occupancy of the public lands should be granted. The information will be used to make that determination. A response is required to obtain a benefit.

[48 FR 40889, Sept. 12, 1983]