Title 43

SECTION 2461.1

2461.1 Proposed classifications.

§ 2461.1 Proposed classifications.

(a) Proposed classifications will be clearly set forth on a map by the authorized officer, and on the Land Office records.

(1) Notice of proposed classifications involving more than 2,560 acres will be, and those involving 2,560 acres or less may be, published in the Federal Register and an announcement in a newspaper having general circulation in the area or areas in the vicinity of the affected lands.

(2) Notice of the proposals will be sent to authorized users, licensees, lessees, and permittees, or their selected representatives, the head of the governing body of the political subdivision of the State, if any, having jurisdiction over zoning in the geographic area in which the lands are located, the governor of that State, the BLM multiple use advisory board in that State, and the District advisory board and to any other parties indicating interest in such classifications.

(3) The notice will indicate where and when the map and Land Office records may be examined. The notice will specify the general location of the lands, the acreage involved, and the extent to which the land is proposed to be segregated from settlement, location, sale, selection, entry, lease, or other form of disposal under the public land laws, including the mining and mineral leasing laws. The notice of proposed classification will specify the period during which comments will be received, which will not be less than 60 days from date of publication of the notice.

(4) The authorized officer will hold a public hearing on the proposal if (i) the proposed classification will affect more than 25,000 acres or (ii) he determines that sufficient public interest exists to warrant the time and expense of a hearing.