Title 43

SECTION 2410.1

2410.1 All classifications.

§ 2410.1 All classifications.

All classifications under the regulations of this part will give due consideration to ecology, priorities of use, and the relative values of the various resources in particular areas. They must be consistent with all the following criteria:

(a) The lands must be physically suitable or adaptable to the uses or purposes for which they are classified. In addition, they must have such physical and other characteristics as the law may require them to have to qualify for a particular classification.

(b) All present and potential uses and users of the lands will be taken into consideration. All other things being equal, land classifications will attempt to achieve maximum future uses and minimum disturbance to or dislocation of existing users.

(c) All land classifications must be consistent with State and local government programs, plans, zoning, and regulations applicable to the area in which the lands to be classified are located, to the extent such State and local programs, plans, zoning, and regulations are not inconsistent with Federal programs, policies, and uses, and will not lead to inequities among private individuals.

(d) All land classifications must be consistent with Federal programs and policies, to the extent that those programs and policies affect the use or disposal of the public lands.

[35 FR 9560, June 13, 1970]