Title 43

SECTION 2400.0-2

2400.0-2 Objectives.

§ 2400.0-2 Objectives.

The statutes cited in § 2400.0-3 authorize the Secretary of the Interior to classify or otherwise take appropriate steps looking to the disposition of public lands, and on an interim basis, to classify public lands for retention and management, subject to requirements of the applicable statutes. In addition to any requirements of law, it is the policy of the Secretary (a) to specify those criteria which will be considered in the exercise of his authority and (b) to establish procedures which will permit the prompt and efficient exercise of his authority with, as far as is practicable, the knowledge and participation of the interested parties, including the general public. Nothing in these regulations is meant to affect applicable State laws governing the appropriation and use of water, regulation of hunting and fishing or exercise of any police power of the State.