Title 43

SECTION 2374.2

2374.2 Conditions of acceptance by BLM.

§ 2374.2 Conditions of acceptance by BLM.

Agencies will not be discharged of their accountability and responsibility under this section unless and until:

(a) The lands have been decontaminated of all dangerous materials and have been restored to suitable condition or, if it is uneconomical to decontaminate or restore them, the holding agency posts them and installs protective devices and agrees to maintain the notices and devices.

(b) To the extent deemed necessary by the authorized officer of the Bureau of Land Management, the holding agency has undertaken or agrees to undertake or to have undertaken appropriate land treatment measures correcting, arresting, or preventing deterioration of the land and resources thereof which has resulted or may result from the agency's use or possession of the lands.

(c) The holding agency, in respect to improvements which are of no value, has exhausted General Services Administration's procedures for their disposal and certifies that they are of no value.

(d) The holding agency has resolved, through a final grant or denial, all commitments to third parties relative to rights and privileges in and to the lands or interests therein.

(e) The holding agency has submitted to the appropriate office mentioned in paragraph (a) of § 2372.1 a copy of, or the case file on, easements, leases, or other encumbrances with which the holding agency or its predecessors have burdened the lands or interests therein.

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