Title 43

SECTION 2372.1

2372.1 Notice of intention to relinquish action by holding agency.

§ 2372.1 Notice of intention to relinquish action by holding agency.

(a) Agencies holding withdrawn or reserved lands which they no longer need will file, in duplicate, a notice of intention to relinquish such lands in the proper office (see § 1821.2-1 of this chapter).

(b) No specific form of notice is required, but all notices must contain the following information:

(1) Name and address of the holding agency.

(2) Citation of the order which withdrew or reserved the lands for the holding agency.

(3) Legal description and acreage of the lands, except where reference to the order of withdrawal or reservation is sufficient to identify them.

(4) Description of the improvements existing on the lands.

(5) The extent to which the lands are contaminated and the nature of the contamination.

(6) The extent to which the lands have been decontaminated or the measures taken to protect the public from the contamination and the proposals of the holding agency to maintain protective measures.

(7) The extent to which the lands have been changed in character other than by construction of improvements.

(8) The extent to which the lands or resources thereon have been disturbed and the measures taken or proposed to be taken to recondition the property.

(9) If improvements on the lands have been abandoned, a certification that the holding agency has exhausted General Services Administration procedures for their disposal and that the improvements are without value.

(10) A description of the easements or other rights and privileges which the holding agency or its predecessors have granted covering the lands.

(11) A list of the terms and conditions, if any, which the holding agency deems necessary to be incorporated in any further disposition of the lands in order to protect the public interest.

(12) Any information relating to the interest of other agencies or individuals in acquiring use of or title to the property or any portion of it.

(13) Recommendations as to the further disposition of the lands, including where appropriate, disposition by the General Services Administration.