Title 43

SECTION 2361.2

2361.2 Use authorizations.

§ 2361.2 Use authorizations.

(a) Except for petroleum exploration which has been authorized by the Act, use authorizations must be obtained from the authorized officer prior to any use within the Reserve. Only those uses which are consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Act will be authorized.

(b) Except as may be limited, restricted, or prohibited by the authorized officer pursuant to § 2361.1 of this subpart or otherwise, use authorizations are not required for (1) subsistence uses (e.g., hunting, fishing, and berry picking) and (2) recreational uses (e.g., hunting, fishing, backpacking, and wildlife observation).

(c) Applications for use authorizations shall be filed in accordance with applicable regulations in this chapter. In the absence of such regulation, the authorized officer may make such dispositions absence of such regulations, the author-of mineral materials and grant such rights-of-way, licenses, and permits as may be necessary to carry out his responsibilities under the Act.

(d) In addition to other statutory or regulatory requirements, approval of applications for use authorizations shall be subject to such terms and conditions which the authorized officer determines to be necessary to protect the environmental, fish and wildlife, and historical or scenic values of the Reserve.