Title 43

SECTION 2320.2

2320.2 General determinations under the Federal Power Act.

§ 2320.2 General determinations under the Federal Power Act.

(a) On April 22, 1922, the Federal Power Commission (as predecessor to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) made a general determination “that where lands of the United States have heretofore been or hereafter may be reserved or classified as powersites, such reservation or classification being made solely because such lands are either occupied by power transmission lines or their occupancy and use for such purposes have been applied for or authorized under appropriate laws of the United States, and such lands have otherwise no value for power purposes, and are not occupied in trespass, the Commission determines that the value of such lands so reserved or classified or so applied for or authorized, shall not be injured or destroyed for the purposes of power development by location, entry or selection under the public land laws, subject to the reservation of section 24 of the Federal Power Act.”

(b) The regulations governing mining locations on lands withdrawn or classified for power purposes, including lands that have been restored and opened to mining locations under section 24 of the Federal Power Act, are contained in subpart 3730 and in Group 3800 of this title.