Title 43

SECTION 2310.1-1

2310.1-1 Preapplication consultation.

§ 2310.1-1 Preapplication consultation.

A potential applicant should contact the appropriate State office of the Bureau of Land Management well in advance of the anticipated submission date of an application. Early consultation can familiarize the potential applicant with the responsibilities of an applicant, the authorized officer and the Secretary. Early consultation also will assist in determining the need for a withdrawal, taking possible alternatives into account, increase the likelihood that the applicant's needs will be considered in ongoing land use planning, assist in determining the extent to which any public lands that may be involved would have to be segregated if an application is submitted; and result in preliminary determinations regarding the scheduling of various investigations, studies, analyses, public meetings and negotiations that may be required for a withdrawal. Studies and analyses should be programmed to ensure their completion in sufficient time to allow the Secretary or the Congress adequate time to act on the application before the expiration of the segregation period.