Title 43

SECTION 2203.3

2203.3 Public meeting.

§ 2203.3 Public meeting.

Upon completion of an environmental analysis, but prior to the issuance of a notice of decision, the authorized officer shall publish a notice in the Federal Register setting a time and place where a public meeting will be held to receive public comment on the public interest factors of the proposed exchange. Such notice shall be distributed in accordance with § 2201.7-1 of this title. The public meeting shall:

(a) Follow procedures established by the authorized officer, which shall be announced prior to the meeting; and

(b) Be recorded and a transcript prepared, with the transcript and all written submissions being made a part of the public record of the proposed exchange.

[51 FR 12612, Apr. 14, 1986, as amended at 58 FR 60926, Nov. 18, 1993]