Title 43

SECTION 1864.2

1864.2 Decision on application.

§ 1864.2 Decision on application.

(a) The authorized officer shall notify the applicant and any party adverse to the application, in writing, on the determination of the authorized officer on whether or not to issue a disclaimer. Prior to such notification, the authorized officer shall issue to the applicant a billing that includes a full and complete statement of the cost incurred in reaching such determination, including any sum due the United States or that may be unexpended from the deposit made by the applicant. If the administrative costs exceed the amount of the deposit required of the applicant under this subpart, the applicant shall be informed that a payment is required for the difference between the actual costs and the deposit. The notification shall also require that payment be made within 120 days from the date of mailing of the notice. If the deposit exceeds the administrative costs of issuing the disclaimer, the applicant shall be informed that a credit for or a refund of the excess will be made. Failure to pay the required amount within the allotted time shall constitute grounds for rejection of the application. Before the authorized officer makes a determination to issue a disclaimer, he/she shall publish notice of the application, including the grounds supporting it, in the Federal Register. Publication in the Federal Register shall be made at least 90 days preceding the issuance of a decision on the disclaimer. Notice shall be published in a newspaper located in the vicinity of the lands covered by the application once a week for 3 consecutive weeks during the 90-day period set out herein. Neither publication shall be made until the applicant has paid the administrative costs.