Title 43

SECTION 1815.1-1

1815.1-1 Relief granted.

§ 1815.1-1 Relief granted.

(a) Where an existing timber sale contract does not provide relief to the timber purchaser from major physical change, not due to negligence of the purchaser, prior to approval of construction of any section of specified road or other specified development facility and, as a result of a major disaster, a major physical change results in additional construction work in connection therewith, the United States will bear a share of the increased construction costs. The United States' share will be determined by the authorized officer as follows:

(1) For sales of less than 1 million board feet, costs over $1,000;

(2) For sales of from 1 to 3 million board feet, costs over the sum of $1 per thousand board feet;

(3) For sales of over 3 million board feet, costs over $3,000.

(b) Where the authorized officer determines that the damages caused by such major physical change are so great that restoration, reconstruction, or construction is not practical under this cost-sharing arrangement, he may cancel the timber sale contract notwithstanding any provisions thereof.