Title 43

SECTION 1784.6-1

1784.6-1 Resource advisory councils - requirements.

§ 1784.6-1 Resource advisory councils - requirements.

(a) Resource advisory councils shall be established to cover all lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management, except where -

(1) There is insufficient interest in participation to ensure that membership can be fairly balanced in terms of the points of view represented and the functions to be performed; or

(2) The location of the public lands with respect to the population of users and other interested parties precludes effective participation.

(b) A resource advisory council advises the Bureau of Land Management official to whom it reports regarding the preparation, amendment and implementation of land use plans for public lands and resources within its area. Except for the purposes of long-range planning and the establishment of resource management priorities, a resource advisory council shall not provide advice on the allocation and expenditure of funds. A resource advisory council shall not provide advice regarding personnel actions.

(c) The Secretary shall appoint the members of each resource advisory council. The Secretary shall appoint at least 1 elected official of general purpose government serving the people of the area to each council. An individual may not serve concurrently on more than 1 resource advisory council. Council members and members of a rangeland resource team or other local general purpose subgroup must reside in 1 of the States within the geographic jurisdiction of the council or subgroup, respectively. Council members and members of general purpose subgroups shall be representative of the interests of the following 3 general groups:

(1) Persons who -

(i) Hold Federal grazing permits or leases within the area for which the council is organized;

(ii) Represent interests associated with transportation or rights-of-way;

(iii) Represent developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation activities;

(iv) Represent the commercial timber industry; or

(v) Represent energy and mineral development.

(2) Persons representing -

(i) Nationally or regionally recognized environmental organizations;

(ii) Dispersed recreational activities;

(iii) Archeological and historical interests; or

(iv) Nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups.

(3) Persons who -

(i) Hold State, county or local elected office;

(ii) Are employed by a State agency responsible for management of natural resources, land, or water;

(iii) Represent Indian tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the council is organized;

(iv) Are employed as academicians in natural resource management or the natural sciences; or

(v) Represent the affected public-at-large.

(d) In appointing members of a resource advisory council from the 3 categories set forth in paragraphs (c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(3) of this section, the Secretary shall provide for balanced and broad representation from within each category.

(e) In making appointments to resource advisory councils the Secretary shall consider nominations made by the Governor of the State or States affected and nominations received in response to public calls for nominations pursuant to § 1784.4-1. Persons interested in serving on resource advisory councils may nominate themselves. All nominations shall be accompanied by letters of reference from interests or organizations to be represented.

(f) Persons appointed to resource advisory councils shall attend a course of instruction in the management of rangeland ecosystems that has been approved by the Bureau of Land Management State Director.

(g) A resource advisory council shall meet at the call of the designated Federal officer and elect its own officers. The designated Federal officer shall attend all meetings of the council.

(h) Council charters must include rules defining a quorum and establishing procedures for sending recommendations forward to BLM. A quorum of council members must be present to constitute an official meeting of the council. Formal recommendations shall require agreement of at least a majority of each of the 3 categories of interest from which appointments are made.

(i) Where the resource advisory council becomes concerned that its advice is being arbitrarily disregarded, the council may request that the Secretary respond directly to such concerns within 60 days of receipt. Such a request can be made only upon the agreement of all council members. The Secretary's response shall not constitute a decision on the merits of any issue that is or might become the subject of an administrative appeal, and shall not be appealable.

(j) Administrative support for a resource advisory council shall be provided by the office of the designated Federal officer.

[60 FR 9958, Feb. 22, 1995]