Title 43

SECTION 1784.5-3

1784.5-3 Records.

§ 1784.5-3 Records.

(a) Detailed records shall be kept of each meeting of an advisory committee and any subcommittees that may be formed. These records shall include as a minimum -

(1) The time and place of the meeting;

(2) Copies of the Federal Register and other public notices announcing the meeting;

(3) A list of advisors and Department or Bureau employees present;

(4) A list of members of the public present and who each represented;

(5) The meeting agenda;

(6) A complete and accurate summary description of matters discussed and conclusions reached;

(7) A list of recommendations made by the advisory committee;

(8) Copies of all reports received, issued, or approved by the Committee or subcommittee; and

(9) A description of the nature of public participation. The Chairperson of the advisory committee shall certify to the accuracy of meeting records.

(b) All records, reports, transcripts, minutes, recommendations, studies, working papers, and other documents prepared by or submitted to an advisory committee shall be available for public inspection and copying in the Bureau of Land Management office responsible for support of that committee. Upon request, copies shall be provided at the cost of duplication as established by the regulations in 43 CFR part 2 (Appendix A).