Title 43

SECTION 10005.6

10005.6 Responsibilities.

§ 10005.6 Responsibilities.

Responsibilities concerning implementation of this planning rule are assigned as follows:

(a) Commission. The Commission is responsible for adopting this planning rule, including the project evaluation procedures contained herein. The Commission is also responsible for formal adoption of the final plan and, following this, approving, on a project by project basis, of agreements to implement the specific elements contained in the plan.

(b) Executive Director and Commission staff. The Executive Director and Commission staff are responsible for preparing planning documents, including preliminary evaluation of projects, and for consultation with agencies and other interested parties regarding the various aspects of the planning process, in accordance with procedures set forth in this planning rule.

(c) Department of Interior Solicitor. The Department of the Interior's Regional Solicitor acts as the agency's attorney-advisor and is responsible for advising the Commission on legal matters related to the planning rule, the plan, and the planning process as agreed upon between the Department and the Commission.

(d) Secretary of the Interior's Representative to the Central Utah Project. The Secretary's Representative is responsible for monitoring the plan, and activities undertaken as components of the plan, with regard to their consistency with the Act and their compatibility with other activities required by the Act. The Secretary's Representative is also responsible for coordinating relevant activities of other agencies within the Department of the Interior and for coordinating the process by which Congressionally appropriated funds are made available for Commission mitigation and conservation activities.

(e) Interested parties. Federal and State resource agencies, Indian tribes, and other interests are, should they choose to become involved, responsible for providing meaningful recommendations regarding potential projects, for coordinating the development of these recommendations with other appropriate agencies and organizations, and, as applicable, for participation in implementation of projects.