Title 43

SECTION 10005.18

10005.18 Project solicitation procedures.

§ 10005.18 Project solicitation procedures.

As provided for in Section 301 of the Act, the Commission will make a formal invitation to Federal and State resource agencies, Indian tribes, and other interested parties to prepare recommendations concerning projects that will be considered for funding. This invitation will take the form of a “project solicitation packet.” The packet will contain a cover letter, this planning rule or a reference as to where it may be obtained, a format for preparing applications, and other materials that the Commission concludes will assist in the preparation of recommendations. Appropriate announcement will also be made in the Utah media and in the Federal Register in order that other interested parties might be made aware of the opportunity to participate. To assist applicants, the format for preparing application may be made available in electronic form upon request. As warranted, the Commission may propose specific projects and/or assist others in the preparation of recommendations in order to fully execute its obligations as described in § 10005.8. The following information will be requested of applicants:

(a) An abstract of the proposed project,

(b) Information on the applicant, including the name of the person preparing the recommendation, the official authorizing the recommendation, and partners to the application, if any,

(c) The location of the proposed project,

(d) The overall goal for the project and the specific fish, wildlife, or recreation objective(s) that the project's proponent seeks to achieve,

(e) The relationship, if any, of the proposed project to Federal reclamation mitigation and, especially, to measures delineated in Title II, Section 304, or Section 315,

(f) A description of the project, including tasks to be undertaken, products to be produced, and the expected results,

(g) A proposed budget, including, where applicable, a description of contributions to be provided by project implementors or other sources,

(h) A proposed time schedule,

(i) The identification of the entity (ies) to be involved with the project (project implementation and post-project operation and management), including their qualifications for undertaking this type of work,

(j) A description of any consultation with landowners, agencies, or other affected entities, to include documentation where appropriate,

(k) An evaluation of the project in relationship to the Commission's first five decision factors identified in § 10005.19,

(l) An evaluation of the anticipated need for NEPA documentation and compliance with the ESA, the Clean Water Act, and other applicable environmental laws, and

(m) At the option of the applicant, other information that might assist the Commission in evaluating the recommendation.