Title 43

SECTION 10005.17

10005.17 Plan development process.

§ 10005.17 Plan development process.

Following adoption of the planning rule, the Commission will proceed with the preparation of the plan, in adherence with the following procedures and in the order stated:

(a) A formal request for recommendations regarding potential projects will be made to Federal and State resource agencies, Indian tribes, and other interested parties. An appropriate announcement will also be made in the Federal Register. Those choosing to participate will have 90 days to submit project proposals. The project solicitation process is discussed in detail in § 10005.18.

(b) The Commission will compile all recommendations and make these available for public review at the Commission's office. The Commission will also provide copies upon request for a reasonable cost.

(c) The Commission will evaluate each project proposal according to the decision factors, standards, and evaluation procedures described in § 10005.19 and prepare a preliminary list of priority projects.

(d) One or more public meetings will be scheduled in which Commission staff will present the Commission's analysis and preliminary conclusions.

(e) The Commission will prepare a final list of projects proposed for implementation during the term of the plan.

(f) A draft plan will be prepared, approved by the Commission, and released for public review. Availability of the document will be announced in the Federal Register. The public will be given a minimum of thirty days to review the draft and submit written comments.

(g) The Commission will make necessary revisions and formally adopt a final version of the plan. Completion of the plan will be announced in the Federal Register. The Act requires that the initial final plan be completed by March 31, 1996 and be revised at least every five years thereafter.