Title 43

SECTION 10005.16

10005.16 Plan content.

§ 10005.16 Plan content.

(a) Minimum requirements. At a minimum, the plan will include:

(1) A summary of basic information from the planning rule, including project evaluation procedures and plan amendment procedures,

(2) The identification of measurable objectives for the term of the plan,

(3) A list, and description, of the projects selected for implementation during the term of the plan - with particular emphasis on projects to be implemented early in the planning cycle,

(4) A description of the relationship between the projects to be included in the plan and the Commission's mitigation obligations,

(5) A preliminary determination regarding environmental review requirements for each project,

(6) A preliminary determination of management and operation requirements and how these will be met,

(7) A budget, both for the next fiscal year and for the entire five-year period,

(8) A project phasing plan spanning the term of the plan, and

(9) A strategy for monitoring progress and evaluating accomplishments, and

(b) Potential additions. At the Commission's discretion, the plan may also include:

(1) A discussion of the relationship of the plan to other activities affecting fish, wildlife, and recreation resources within the State of Utah, and/or

(2) Discussions of, or information on, other topics that the Commission determines to be relevant. For example, the Commission may wish to identify mitigation and/or conservation measures that the Commission may wish to consider in later years of the five-year plan or in subsequent five-year plans.