Title 43

SECTION 10005.15

10005.15 Planning and management techniques applicable to the plan.

§ 10005.15 Planning and management techniques applicable to the plan.

The Commission recognizes that there are a wide range of techniques that may be employed to protect or restore natural resources. The Commission will consider projects that make use of techniques that either have previously been proven to be effective at meeting stated objectives or represent new and innovative approaches that hold promise for being effective and establishing positive precedents for future activities. Following is a representative list of techniques that the Commission may choose to fund. This list is not exhaustive. Other appropriate techniques may exist or be developed in the future.

(a) Acquisition of property (land or water), or an interest in property, for fish, wildlife, or recreation purposes.

(b) Physical restoration of ecological functions and habitat values of lands or water courses.

(c) Construction and reconstruction of facilities, such as trails, fish culture facilities, instream spawning facilities, water control structures, and fencing that aid in the conservation of fish and wildlife resources, and/or provide recreation opportunities.

(d) Regional planning aimed at conserving fish and wildlife, and/or providing recreation opportunities.

(e) Management and operations agreements, strategies, and other institutional arrangements aimed at conserving fish and wildlife and their habitats, and/or providing recreation opportunities.

(f) Inventory and assessment of biological resources.

(g) Applied research that targets specific biological information or management needs.

(h) Development of educational materials and programs aimed at increasing public enjoyment and awareness of fish and wildlife resources and the ecosystems upon which they depend.