Title 43


Subpart B - Acquisition Procedures

43: 3837.20
   3837.20 Acquisition.
43: 3837.21
   3837.21 How do I notify the delinquent co-claimant that I want to acquire his or her interests
43: 3837.22
   3837.22 How long does a delinquent co-claimant have after notification to contribute a proportionate share of the assessment work, expenditures, or maintenance fees
43: 3837.23
   3837.23 How do I notify BLM that I have acquired a delinquent co-claimant's interests in a mining claim or site
43: 3837.24
   3837.24 What kind of evidence must I submit to BLM to show I have properly notified the delinquent co-claimant