Title 43

PART 3500 SUBPART 3510

Subpart 3510 - Noncompetitive Leasing: Fringe Acreage Leases and Lease Modifications

43: 3510.11
   3510.11 If I already have a Federal lease, or the mineral rights on adjacent private lands, may I lease adjoining Federal lands that contain the same deposits without competitive bidding
43: 3510.12
   3510.12 What must I do to obtain a lease modification or fringe acreage lease
43: 3510.15
   3510.15 What will BLM do with my application
43: 3510.20
   3510.20 Do I have to pay a fee to modify my existing lease or obtain a fringe acreage lease
43: 3510.21
   3510.21 What terms and conditions apply to fringe acreage leases and lease modifications