Title 42

SECTION 482.90

482.90 Condition of participation: Patient and living donor selection.

§ 482.90 Condition of participation: Patient and living donor selection.

The transplant program must use written patient selection criteria in determining a patient's suitability for placement on the waiting list or a patient's suitability for transplantation. If a program performs living donor transplants, the program also must use written donor selection criteria in determining the suitability of candidates for donation.

(a) Standard: Patient selection. Patient selection criteria must ensure fair and non-discriminatory distribution of organs.

(1) Prior to placement on the program's waiting list, a prospective transplant candidate must receive a psychosocial evaluation, if possible.

(2) Before a transplant program places a transplant candidate on its waiting list, the candidate's medical record must contain documentation that the candidate's blood type has been determined.

(3) When a patient is placed on a program's waiting list or is selected to receive a transplant, the center must document in the patient's medical record the patient selection criteria used.

(4) A transplant program must provide a copy of its patient selection criteria to a transplant patient, or a dialysis facility, as requested by a patient or a dialysis facility.

(b) Standard: Living donor selection. The living donor selection criteria must be consistent with the general principles of medical ethics. Transplant programs must:

(1) Ensure that a prospective living donor receives a medical and psychosocial evaluation prior to donation,

(2) Document in the living donor's medical records the living donor's suitability for donation, and

(3) Document that the living donor has given informed consent, as required under § 482.102.

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