Title 42

SECTION 460.63

460.63 Compliance oversight requirements.

§ 460.63 Compliance oversight requirements.

A PACE organization must adopt and implement effective compliance oversight requirements, which must include measures that prevent, detect, and correct non-compliance with CMS' program requirements, as well as measures that prevent, detect, and correct fraud, waste, and abuse. The compliance oversight program must, at a minimum, include establishment and implementation of procedures and a system for promptly responding to compliance issues as they are raised, investigating potential compliance problems as identified in the course of self-evaluations and audits, correcting such problems promptly and thoroughly to reduce the potential for recurrence, and ensure ongoing compliance with CMS requirements.

(a) If the PACE organization discovers evidence of misconduct related to payment or delivery of items or services, it must conduct a timely, reasonable inquiry into that conduct.

(b) The PACE organization must conduct appropriate corrective actions (for example, repayment of overpayments, disciplinary actions against responsible employees) in response to the potential violation.

(c) The PACE organization should have procedures to voluntarily self-report potential fraud or misconduct related to the PACE program to CMS and the State administering agency.

[84 FR 25673, June 3, 2019]