Title 42

SECTION 460.32

460.32 Content and terms of PACE program agreement.

§ 460.32 Content and terms of PACE program agreement.

(a) Required content. A PACE program agreement must include the following information:

(1) A designation of the service area of the organization's program. The area may be identified by county, zip code, street boundaries, census tract, block, or tribal jurisdictional area, as applicable. CMS and the State administering agency must approve any change in the designated service area.

(2) The organization's commitment to meet all applicable requirements under Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, including provisions of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

(3) The effective date and term of the agreement.

(4) A description of the organizational structure of the PACE organization and information on administrative contacts, including the following:

(i) Name and phone number of the program director.

(ii) Name of all governing body members.

(iii) Name and phone number of a contact person for the governing body.

(5) A participant bill of rights approved by CMS and an assurance that the rights and protections will be provided.

(6) A description of the process for handling participant grievances and appeals.

(7) A statement of the organization's policies on eligibility, enrollment, voluntary disenrollment, and involuntary disenrollment.

(8) A description of services available to participants.

(9) A description of the organization's quality improvement program.

(10) A statement of the levels of performance required by CMS on standard quality measures.

(11) A statement of the data and information required by CMS and the State administering agency to be collected on participant care.

(12) The state's Medicaid capitation rate or Medicaid payment rate methodology, and the methodology used to calculate the Medicare capitation rate.

(13) A description of procedures that the organization will follow if the PACE program agreement is terminated.

(b) Optional content. (1) An agreement may provide additional requirements for individuals to qualify as PACE program eligible individuals, in accordance with § 460.150(b)(4).

(2) An agreement may contain any additional terms and conditions agreed to by the parties if the terms and conditions are consistent with sections 1894 and 1934 of the Act and regulations in this part.

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