Title 42

SECTION 460.208

460.208 Financial statements.

§ 460.208 Financial statements.

(a) General rule. (1) Not later than 180 days after the organization's fiscal year ends, a PACE organization must submit a certified financial statement that includes appropriate footnotes.

(2) The financial statement must be certified by an independent certified public accountant.

(b) Contents. At a minimum, the certified financial statement must consist of the following:

(1) A certification statement.

(2) A balance sheet.

(3) A statement of revenues and expenses.

(4) A source and use of funds statement.

(c) Quarterly financial statement - (1) During trial period. A PACE organization must submit a quarterly financial statement throughout the trial period within 45 days after the last day of each quarter of the PACE organization's fiscal year.

(2) After trial period. If CMS or the State administering agency determines that an organization's performance requires more frequent monitoring and oversight due to concerns about fiscal soundness, CMS or the State administering agency may require a PACE organization to submit monthly or quarterly financial statements, or both.