Title 42

SECTION 460.20

460.20 Notice of CMS determination.

§ 460.20 Notice of CMS determination.

(a) Time limit for notification of determination. Within 90 days, or 45 days for applications set forth in § 460.10(a)(2), after an entity submits a complete application to CMS, CMS takes one of the following actions in the form and manner specified by CMS:

(1) Approves the application.

(2) Denies the application and notifies the entity in writing of the basis for the denial and the process for requesting reconsideration of the denial.

(b) Complete application. An application is only considered complete when CMS receives all information necessary to make a determination regarding approval or denial.

(c) Additional information requested. If CMS determines that an application is not complete because it does not include sufficient information to make a determination, CMS will request additional information within 90 days, or 45 days for applications set forth in § 460.10(a)(2), after the date of submission of the application.

(1) The time limits in paragraph (a) of this section do not begin until CMS receives all requested information and the application is complete.

(2) If more than 12 months elapse between the date of initial submission of the application and the entity's response to the CMS request for additional information, the entity must update the application to provide the most current information and materials related to the application.

(d) Deemed approval. An entity's application to become a PACE organization is deemed approved if CMS fails to act on the complete application within 90 days, after the later of the following dates:

(1) The date the application is submitted by the organization.

(2) The date CMS receives all requested additional information.

(e) Date of submission. For purposes of the time limits described in this section, the date that an application is submitted to CMS is the date on which the application is delivered to the address designated by CMS.

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