Title 42

SECTION 460.182

460.182 Medicaid payment.

§ 460.182 Medicaid payment.

(a) Under a PACE program agreement, the State administering agency makes a prospective monthly payment to the PACE organization of a capitation amount for each Medicaid participant.

(b) The monthly capitation amount is negotiated between the PACE organization and the State administering agency, and the amount, or the methodology used to calculate the amount, is specified in the PACE program agreement. The amount represents the following:

(1) Is less than the amount that would otherwise have been paid under the State plan if the participants were not enrolled under the PACE program.

(2) Takes into account the comparative frailty of PACE participants.

(3) Is a fixed amount regardless of changes in the participant's health status.

(4) Can be renegotiated on an annual basis.

(c) The PACE organization must accept the capitation payment amount as payment in full for Medicaid participants and may not bill, charge, collect, or receive any other form of payment from the State administering agency or from, or on behalf of, the participant, except as follows:

(1) Payment with respect to any applicable spenddown liability under §§ 435.121 and 435.831 of this chapter and any amounts due under the post-eligibility treatment of income process under § 460.184.

(2) Medicare payment received from CMS or from other payers, in accordance with § 460.180(d).

(d) State procedures for the enrollment and disenrollment of participants in the State's system, including procedures for any adjustment to account for the difference between the estimated number of participants on which the prospective monthly payment was based and the actual number of participants in that month, are included in the PACE program agreement.

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