Title 42

SECTION 460.134

460.134 Minimum requirements for quality improvement program.

§ 460.134 Minimum requirements for quality improvement program.

(a) Minimum program requirements. A PACE organization's quality improvement program must include, but is not limited to, the use of objective measures to demonstrate improved performance with regard to the following:

(1) Utilization of PACE services, such as decreased inpatient hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

(2) Caregiver and participant satisfaction.

(3) Outcome measures that are derived from data collected during assessments, including data on the following:

(i) Physiological well being.

(ii) Functional status.

(iii) Cognitive ability.

(iv) Social/behavioral functioning.

(v) Quality of life of participants.

(4) Effectiveness and safety of staff-provided and contracted services, including the following:

(i) Competency of clinical staff.

(ii) Promptness of service delivery.

(iii) Achievement of treatment goals and measurable outcomes.

(5) Nonclinical areas, such as grievances and appeals, transportation services, meals, life safety, and environmental issues.

(b) Basis for outcome measures. Outcome measures must be based on current clinical practice guidelines and professional practice standards applicable to the care of PACE participants.

(c) Minimum levels of performance. The PACE organization must meet or exceed minimum levels of performance, established by CMS and the State administering agency, on standardized quality measures, such as influenza immunization rates, which are specified in the PACE program agreement.

(d) Accuracy of data. The PACE organization must ensure that all data used for outcome monitoring are accurate and complete.

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