Title 42

SECTION 460.116

460.116 Explanation of rights.

§ 460.116 Explanation of rights.

(a) Written policies. A PACE organization must have written policies and implement procedures to ensure that the participant, his or her representative, if any, and staff understand these rights.

(b) Explanation of rights. The PACE organization must fully explain the rights to the participant and his or her representative, if any, at the time of enrollment in a manner understood by the participant.

(c) Display. The PACE organization must meet the following requirements:

(1) Write the participant rights in English, and in any other principal languages of the community, as determined by the State in which the PACE organization is located. In the absence of a State standard, a principal language of the community is any language that is spoken by at least 5 percent of the individuals in the PACE organization's service area.

(2) Display the PACE participant rights in a prominent place in the PACE center.

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