Title 42

SECTION 434.10

434.10 Contracts with fiscal agents.

§ 434.10 Contracts with fiscal agents.

Contracts with fiscal agents must -

(a) Meet the requirements of § 434.6;

(b) Include termination procedures that require the contractors to supply promptly all material necessary for continued operation of payment and related systems. This material includes -

(1) Computer programs;

(2) Data files;

(3) User and operation manuals, and other documentation;

(4) System and program documentation; and

(5) Training programs for Medicaid agency staff, their agents or designated representatives in the operation and maintenance of the system;

(c) Offer to the State one or both of the following options, if the fiscal agent or the fiscal agent's subcontractor has a proprietary right to material specified in paragraph (b) of this section:

(1) Purchasing the material; or

(2) Purchasing the use of the material through leasing or other means; and

(d) State that payment to providers will be made in accordance with part 447 of this chapter.