Title 42

SECTION 421.122

421.122 Performance standards.

§ 421.122 Performance standards.

(a) Development of standards. In addition to the performance criteria (§ 421.120), CMS develops detailed performance standards for use in evaluating intermediary performance which may be based on historical performance, application of acceptable statistical measures of variation to nationwide intermediary experience during a base period, or changing program emphases or requirements. These standards are also developed considering intermediary experience and evaluate the specific requirements of each functional responsibility or criterion.

(b) Factors beyond intermediary's control. To identify measurable factors that significantly affect an intermediary's performance, but that are not within the intermediary's control, CMS will -

(1) Study the performance of intermediaries during the base period, and

(2) Consider the noncontrollable factors in developing performance standards.

(c) Publication of standards. The development and revision of standards for evaluating intermediary performance is a continuing process. Therefore, before the beginning of each evaluation period, which usually coincides with the Federal fiscal year period of October 1-September 30, CMS publishes the performance standards as part of the Federal Register notice describing the performance criteria issued under § 421.120(c). CMS may not necessarily publish the criteria and standards every year. CMS interprets the statutory phrase “before the beginning of each evaluation period” as allowing publication of the criteria and standards after the Federal fiscal year begins, as long as the evaluation period of the intermediaries for the new criteria and standards begins after the publication of the notice.

[59 FR 682, Jan. 6, 1994]