Title 42

SECTION 421.120

421.120 Performance criteria.

§ 421.120 Performance criteria.

(a) Application of performance criteria. As part of the intermediary evaluations authorized by section 1816(f) of the Act, CMS periodically assesses the performance of intermediaries in their Medicare operations using performance criteria. The criteria measure and evaluate intermediary performance of functional responsibilities such as -

(1) Correct coverage and payment determinations;

(2) Responsiveness to beneficiary concerns; and

(3) Proper management of administrative funds.

(b) Basis for criteria. CMS will base the performance criteria on -

(1) Nationwide intermediary experience;

(2) Changes in intermediary operations due to fiscal constraints; and

(3) HFCA's objectives in achieving better performance.

(c) Publication of criteria. The development and revision of criteria for evaluating intermediary performance is a continuing process. Therefore, before the beginning of each evaluation period, CMS will publish the performance criteria as a notice in the Federal Register.

[48 FR 7178, Feb. 18, 1983]