Title 42

SECTION 417.582

417.582 Definitions.

§ 417.582 Definitions.

As used in this subpart -

AAPCC stands for adjusted average per capita cost.

ACR stands for adjusted community rate.

Actuarial factors means factors such as the age, sex, and disability level distribution of the population and any other relevant factors that CMS determines have a significant effect on the level of utilization and cost of health services.

APCRP stands for average of per capita rates of payment.

Class of Medicare enrollees means a group of Medicare enrollees of an HMO or CMP that CMS constructs on the basis of actuarial factors.

Similar area means an area similar to the HMO's or CMP's geographic area but free from special characteristics that would distort the determination of the AAPCC.

U.S. per capita incurred cost means the average per capita cost, including intermediary or carrier administrative costs, incurred by Medicare, as determined on an accrual basis, for covered services furnished to Medicare beneficiaries nationwide during the most recent period for which CMS has complete data.

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