Title 42


409.5 General description of benefits.

§ 409.5 General description of benefits.

Hospital insurance (Part A of Medicare) helps pay for inpatient hospital or inpatient CAH services and posthospital SNF care. It also pays for home health services and hospice care. There are limitations on the number of days of care that Medicare can pay for and there are deductible and coinsurance amounts for which the beneficiary is responsible. For each type of service, certain conditions must be met as specified in the pertinent sections of this subpart and in part 418 of this chapter regarding hospice care. Conditions for payment of emergency inpatient services furnished by a nonparticipating U.S. hospital and for services furnished in a foreign country are set forth in subparts G and H of part 424 of this chapter.

[71 FR 48135, Aug. 18, 2006]