Title 42

SECTION 409.22

409.22 Bed and board.

§ 409.22 Bed and board.

(a) Semiprivate and ward accommodations. Except for applicable deductible and coinsurance amounts Medicare Part A pays in full for semiprivate (2 to 4 beds), or ward (5 or more beds) accommodations.

(b) Private accommodations - (1) Conditions for payment in full. Except for applicable coinsurance amounts, Medicare pays in full for a private room if -

(i) The patient's condition requires him to be isolated;

(ii) The SNF has no semiprivate or ward accommodations; or

(iii) The SNF semiprivate and ward accommodations are fully occupied by other patients, were so occupied at the time the patient was admitted to the SNF for treatment of a condition that required immediate inpatient SNF care, and have been so occupied during the interval.

(2) Period of payment. In the situations specified in paragraph (b)(1) (i) and (iii) of this section. Medicare pays for a private room until the patient's condition no longer requires isolation or until semiprivate or ward accommodations are available.

(3) Conditions for patient's liability. The facility may charge the patient the difference between its customary charge for the private room furnished and its most prevalent charge for a semiprivate room if:

(i) None of the conditions of paragraph (b)(1) of this section is met, and

(ii) The private room was requested by the patient or a member of the family who, at the time of request was informed what the charge would be.