Title 42


409.1 Statutory basis.

§ 409.1 Statutory basis.

This part is based on the identified provisions of the following sections of the Social Security Act:

(a) Sections 1812 and 1813 establish the scope of benefits of the hospital insurance program under Medicare Part A and set forth deductible and coinsurance requirements.

(b) Sections 1814 and 1815 establish conditions for, and limitations on, payment for services furnished by providers.

(c) Section 1820 establishes the critical access hospital program.

(d) Section 1861 describes the services covered under Medicare Part A, and benefit periods.

(e) Section 1862(a) specifies exclusions from coverage.

(f) Section 1881 sets forth the rules for individuals who have end-stage renal disease (ESRD), for organ donors, and for dialysis, transplantation, and other services furnished to ESRD patients.

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