Title 42

SECTION 408.86

408.86 Responsibilities under group billing arrangement.

§ 408.86 Responsibilities under group billing arrangement.

(a) Enrollee responsibilities. (1) The enrollee is still responsible for premium payments; the group payer simply acts as his agent. If the agent fails to pay, or identifies the payment incorrectly, SSA notifies both the agent and the enrollee that the enrollee's account is delinquent. If an enrollee fails to take action on that notice, entitlement is terminated for nonpayment of premiums.

(2) The enrollee must promptly notify both SSA and the group payer of any change of address.

(b) Group payer's responsibilities. The group payer must -

(1) Make premium payments promptly upon receipt of notices;

(2) Promptly notify both CMS and the enrollee when it drops an enrollee from the group;

(3) Make payments in a way that facilitates efficient and economical processing; and

(4) Maintain the confidentiality of the personal information obtained from CMS for the group payment process.

(c) CMS responsibilities. CMS -

(1) Sends the bill to the group payer upon authorization from the enrollee;

(2) Notifies both the payer and the enrollee if the payer fails to make timely payments; and

(3) Refunds excess premiums in accordance with § 408.88.