Title 42

SECTION 408.84

408.84 Billing and payment procedures.

§ 408.84 Billing and payment procedures.

(a) Initial premium notice. (1) CMS or its agent always sends the initial premium notice to the enrollee.

(2) An enrollee who wishes to have the premiums paid on a group basis must give the notice to the group payer, along with written authorization for sending subsequent notices to the group payer and for release of the information required for the group payment process.

(b) Monthly billings. Group premiums are billed on a monthly basis. However, the group payer may pay up to 12 months in advance.

(c) Group payers must make their payments within 30 days after billing, to avoid infringing on the 90-day grace period during which the premiums may be paid by the enrollee if he or she is dropped from the group.

(d) Effect of group payment. Payment by a group payer is considered payment by the enrollee.