Title 42


408.1 Statutory basis.

§ 408.1 Statutory basis.

(a) This part implements certain provisions of sections 1837 through 1840 and 1881(d) of the Social Security Act (the Act) and conforms to other regulations that implement section 1843 of the Act. Section 1838(b) requires regulations to establish when an individual's coverage ends because of nonpayment of premiums. It also specifies that those regulations may provide a grace period for payment of overdue premiums without loss of coverage. Section 1839 sets forth the specific procedures for determining the amount of the monthly premium and section 1840 establishes the rules for payment of premiums. Section 1843 provides that a State may enter into a buy-in agreement to secure SMI coverage for certain individuals by enrolling them in the SMI program and paying the premiums on their behalf. Section 1881(d) provides that Medicare payment, for the reasonable charges incurred in connection with a kidney donation, shall be made (without regard to deductible, premium, or coinsurance provisions of title XVIII) as prescribed in regulations.

(b) The Federal Claims Collection Act (31 U.S.C. 3711), as implemented by 4 CFR parts 101-105, provides the basic authority for recovery of debts owed the United States government and specifies the conditions for the suspension or termination of collection action. Departmental regulations at 45 CFR part 30, updated by a final rule published on January 5, 1987 (52 FR 260) set forth procedures for the exercise of the Department's authority to collect and dispose of debts and were intended to complement rules applicable to particular programs. CMS rules are set forth at 42 CFR part 401, subpart F.

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