Title 42

PART 63a

Part 63a - National Institutes Of Health Training Grants

PART 63a - NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH TRAINING GRANTS Authority:42 U.S.C. 216, 2421(b)(3), 284(b)(1)(C), 285g-10, 287c(b), 300cc-15(a)(1), 300cc-41(a)(3)(C), 7403(h)(2). Source:61 FR 55111, Oct. 24, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

42: 63a.1
   63a.1 To what programs do these regulations apply
42: 63a.2
   63a.2 Definitions.
42: 63a.3
   63a.3 What is the purpose of training grants
42: 63a.4
   63a.4 Who is eligible for a training grant
42: 63a.5
   63a.5 How to apply for a training grant.
42: 63a.6
   63a.6 How are training grant applications evaluated
42: 63a.7
   63a.7 Awards.
42: 63a.8
   63a.8 How long does grant support last
42: 63a.9
   63a.9 What are the terms and conditions of awards
42: 63a.10
   63a.10 How may training grant funds be spent
42: 63a.11
   63a.11 Other HHS regulations and policies that apply.