Title 42

PART 55a

Part 55a - Program Grants For Black Lung Clinics

PART 55a - PROGRAM GRANTS FOR BLACK LUNG CLINICS Authority:Sec. 427(a), Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, 92 Stat. 100 (30 U.S.C. 937(a)). Source:50 FR 7913, Feb. 27, 1985, unless otherwise noted.

42: A
Subpart A - General Provisions
42: 55a.101
   55a.101 Definitions.
42: 55a.102
   55a.102 Who is eligible to apply for a Black Lung clinics grant
42: 55a.103
   55a.103 What criteria has HHS established for deciding which grant application to fund
42: 55a.104
   55a.104 What confidentiality requirements must be met
42: 55a.105
   55a.105 How must grantees carry out their projects
42: 55a.106
   55a.106 Provision for waiver by the Secretary.
42: 55a.107
   55a.107 What other regulations apply
42: B
Subpart B - Grants to States
42: 55a.201
   55a.201 What is required for a State application
42: C
Subpart C - Grants to Entities Other Than States
42: 55a.301
   55a.301 What is required for an application from an entity other than a State