Title 42

PART 52e

Part 52e - National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute Grants For Prevention And Control Projects

PART 52e - NATIONAL HEART, LUNG, AND BLOOD INSTITUTE GRANTS FOR PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROJECTS Authority:42 U.S.C. 216, 285b-1. Source:45 FR 12249, Feb. 25, 1980, unless otherwise noted.

42: 52e.1
   52e.1 To what programs do these regulations apply
42: 52e.2
   52e.2 Definitions.
42: 52e.3
   52e.3 Who is eligible to apply
42: 52e.4
   52e.4 How to apply.
42: 52e.5
   52e.5 What are the project requirements
42: 52e.6
   52e.6 How will NIH evaluate applications
42: 52e.7
   52e.7 What are the terms and conditions of awards
42: 52e.8
   52e.8 Other HHS regulations and policies that apply.
42: 52e.9
   52e.9 Additional conditions.