Title 41

SECTION 101-8.716

101-8.716 Complaints.

§ 101-8.716 Complaints.

(a) Any person, individually or as a member of a class (defined at § 101-8.703(e)) or on behalf of others, may file a complaint with GSA alleging discrimination prohibited by the Act or this regulation based on an action occurring after July 1, 1979. A complainant must file a complaint within 80 days from the date the complainant first has knowledge of the alleged act of discrimination. However, for good cause shown, GSA may extend this time limit.

(b) GSA considers the date a complaint is filed to be the date upon which the complaint is sufficient to be processed.

(c) GSA attempts to facilitate the filing of complaints if possible, including taking the following measures:

(1) Accepting as a sufficient complaint, any written statement that identifies the parties involved and the date the complainant first had knowledge of the alleged violation, describes the action or practice complained of, and is signed by the complainant;

(2) Freely permitting a complainant to add information to the complaint to meet the requirements of a sufficient complaint;

(3) Notifying the complainant and the recipient (or their representative) of their right to contact GSA for information and assistance regarding the complaint resolution process.

(d) GSA returns to the complainant any complaint outside the jurisdiction of this regulation, and states the reason(s) why it is outside the jurisdiction of the regulation.