Title 41

SECTION 101-8.305

101-8.305 Employment practices prohibited.

§ 101-8.305 Employment practices prohibited.

(a) No qualified handicapped person shall, on the basis of handicap, be subjected to employment discrimination under any program or activity to which this subpart applies.

(b) A recipient shall make all decisions concerning employment under any program or activity to which this subpart applies in a manner which ensures that discrimination on the basis of handicap does not occur and may not limit, segregate, or classify applicants or employees in any way that adversely affects their opportunities or status because of handicap.

(c) A recipient may not participate in a contractual or other relationship that has the effect of subjecting qualified handicapped applicants or employees to discrimination prohibited by this subpart. The relationships referred to in this paragraph include relationships with employment and referral agencies, labor unions, organizations providing or administering fringe benefits to employees of the recipient, and organizations providing training and apprenticeships.

(d) The provisions of this subpart apply to:

(1) Recruitment, advertising, and processing of applications for employment;

(2) Hiring, upgrading, promotion, award of tenure, demotion, transfer, layoff, termination, right of return from layoff, and rehiring;

(3) Rates of pay or any other form of compensation and changes in compensation;

(4) Job assignments, job classifications, organizational structures, position descriptions, lines of progression, and seniority lists;

(5) Leaves of absence, sick or otherwise;

(6) Fringe benefits available by virtue of employment, whether administered by the recipient or not;

(7) Selection and provision of financial support for training, including apprenticeship, professional meetings, conferences, and other related activities, and selection for leaves of absence to pursue training;

(8) Employer-sponsored activities, including those that are social or recreational; and

(9) Any other term, condition, or privilege of employment.

(e) A recipient's obligation to comply with this subpart is not affected by any inconsistent term of any collective bargaining agreement to which it is a party.