Title 41

SECTION 101-5.304

101-5.304 Type of occupational health services.

§ 101-5.304 Type of occupational health services.

The type of occupational health services made available to occupying agencies will be as follows:

(a) Emergency diagnosis and first treatment of injury or illness that become necessary during working hours and that are within the competence of the professional staff and facilities of the health service unit, whether or not such injury was sustained by the employee while in the performance of duty or whether or not such illness was caused by his employment. In cases where the necessary first treatment is outside the competence of the health service staff and facilities, conveyance of the employee to a nearby physician or suitable community medical facility may be provided at Government expense at the request of, or on behalf of, the employee.

(b) Preemployment examinations of persons selected for appointment.

(c) Such inservice examinations of employees as the participating agency determines to be necessary, such as voluntary employee health maintenance examinations which agencies may request for selected employees. Such examinations may be offered on a limited formula plan to all participating agencies when the resources of the health service staff and facilities will permit. Alternatively, when agencies are required to limit the cost of an occupational health services program, the provision of inservice examinations may be provided to selected employees of individual agencies and reimbursed on an individual basis.

(d) Administration, in the discretion of the responsible health service unit physician, of treatments and medications

(1) Furnished by the employee and prescribed in writing by his personal physician as reasonably necessary to maintain the employee at work, and

(2) Prescribed by a physician providing medical care in performance-of-duty injury or illness cases under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act.

(e) Preventive services within the competence of the professional staff

(1) To appraise and report work environment health hazards as an aid in preventing and controlling health risks;

(2) To provide health education to encourage employees to maintain personal health; and

(3) To provide specific disease screening examinations and immunizations.

(f) In addition, employees may be referred, upon their request, to private physicians, dentists, and other community health resources.

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