Title 41

SECTION 101-5.106

101-5.106 Agency committees.

§ 101-5.106 Agency committees.

(a) Establishment. An occupying agency committee will be established by GSA if one does not exist, to assist the occupying agency, or such other agency as may be responsible, in the cooperative use of the centralized services, as defined in 101-5.102(a), provided in a Federal building. Generally, such a committee will be established when the problems of administration and coordination necessitate a formal method of consultation and discussion among occupying agencies.

(b) Membership. Each occupying agency of a Federal building is entitled to membership on an agency committee. The chairperson of each such committee shall be a GSA employee designated by the appropriate GSA Regional Administrator, except when another agency had been designated to administer the centralized service. In this instance, the chairperson shall be an employee of such other agency as designated by competent authority within that agency.

(c) Activities. Agency committees shall be advisory in nature and shall be concerned with the effectiveness of centralized services in the building. Recommendations of an agency committee will be forwarded by the chairman to the appropriate GSA officials for consideration and decision.

(d) Reports. A résumé of the minutes of each meeting of an agency committee shall be furnished to each member of the committee and to the appropriate GSA Regional Administrator.

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