Title 41

SECTION 101-5.105

101-5.105 Operation of the centralized facility.

§ 101-5.105 Operation of the centralized facility.

(a) GSA will continually appraise the operation of centralized facilities to insure their continued justification in terms of economy and efficiency. Centralized services provided pursuant to the regulation may be discontinued or curtailed if no actual savings or operating improvements are realized after a minimum operating period of one year. Occupying agencies will be consulted regarding the timing of curtailment or discontinuance of any centralized services and the heads of such agencies notified at least 120 days in advance of each action.

(b) Where mutual agreement is reached, an agency other than GSA may be designated by the Administrator of General Services to administer the centralized service.

(c) Arrangements with regard to financing will conform to the special requirements of each type of centralized service and to existing law. Normally, reimbursement will be made for the use of established services except where the cost is nominal or where reimbursement may not be practicable.

[30 FR 4199, Mar. 31, 1965, as amended at 56 FR 33874, July 24, 1991]