Title 41

SECTION 101-39.306

101-39.306 Operator's packet.

§ 101-39.306 Operator's packet.

The GSA Interagency Fleet Management System (IFMS) will provide each system vehicle with an operator's packet containing the following information and instructions. This information should remain in the vehicle at all times, except when inconsistent with authorized undercover operations.

(a) Driver's responsibilities;

(b) Requirement of use for official purposes only;

(c) Instruction for:

(1) Acquiring maintenance and repair authorizations;

(2) Acquiring emergency supplies, services, and repairs; and

(3) Reporting accidents.

(d) The telephone numbers of responsible GSA IFMS fleet management center employees to be called in case of accident or emergency;

(e) Instructions on the use of the Standard Form 149, U.S. Government National Credit Card;

(f) List of contractors from which vehicle operators may purchase items authorized by the SF 149, U.S. Government National Credit Card;

(g) Accident reporting kit which contains:

(1) Standard Form 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report; and

(2) Standard Form 94, Statement of Witness.


The vehicle operator or assignee shall be personally responsible for safeguarding and protecting the SF 149, U.S. Government National Credit Card.

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